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hi all

Ok so I just started my own livejournal and this is my first community post .. woot woot. I have decided I'm going on an ana fast starting now and weening myself off of my disgustingly fattening self. I started school in september and just realized how boring and depressing it can be when you have to make an effort to make new friends after 4 years of previous schooling (I took a year off). Since then, I've become increasingly lonely and that's when my COE started creeping back and now I've ballooned to a disgusting weight. My stats:

Height: 5'5"

All of these are educated guesses since I have always feared the scale. But yea I've been fat as hell and relatively skinny and all over the place. My weight has never stayed the same for a full year since as long as I can remember. I've decided it's time for me to go on a diet asap and lose all the unwanted weight so that I can free myself of what's causing the depression. Thanks for listening and good luck all~
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