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it's been a long time...

Hey. I had a bad ED for a few years... ana/mia/coe, you name it. I got over it around two years ago and gained disgusting amounts of weight. I've slowly started going back, and now I think I'm finally ready to commit:

HT: 5'5"
HW: 177 (gross!)
CW: 163
LW: 110
GW: 125

A goal of 125 is totally doable, right?
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hey hun! i definately think you can do that. 5'5 is by the books a "healthy" weight for your height. just stay commited and dont give in to stupid tempations! good luck!!!
125 lbs. is an arbitrary quantity. You won't find anything there. Don't go "by the book": the truth is not arbitrary. Anything can be written in a book, but there is only one truth. Don't be "emo": the maddest moods do not change the truth in the least.

The truth is knowable; all who deny this are liars seeking alibis. Truth is beauty, beauty is truth, yet the truth about something or someone can be ugly. Fight for the truth, and the truth about you will be beautiful.

It's not easy to determine how much and of what we should eat. Sometimes our choices are severely limited. Hunger is about as reliable of a guide as lust. The scale is an equally poor guide: it does not tell you what is happening to your muscles, bones, skin, immune system or vital organs. If people would pay attention to that, all the weight-loss clinics would go out of business!