My name isn't important. (_haloinreverse_) wrote in ana_twenty,
My name isn't important.

So yeah.

I haven't posted anything on lj in maybe... 2.5 years, and I finally reset my password so I can get back on here.

Anyway, I gained a ton of weight and I am the biggest I've been in my entire life. Like... 164 pounds. I want to kill myself.

Is there anyone who wants to be my buddy and help me stay on track? I need to lose 45 pounds, it's serious. Here are my stats, even though I am ashamed to post them:

Height: 5'9"
CW: 164
HW: 165
LW: 98
STG: 155
LTG: 120
BMI: 24.2

So there's that. If anyone wants to be my buddy, I'd love that.
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