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Newbie Hello (^_^)

Hey guys,

I don't know how active this community is, but it's the first one that I've joined on LiveJournal and I hope that I can find some support and understanding here. What really appeals to me about this group is that it's aimed at older people and I sometimes find it hard to relate to a lot of the younger teenage ana/mias that populate other sites. Sure we've all been there too, but I think there just reaches a stage when you need someone a little bit closer to your own age to talk to.

So, about me. Well, I'm 24 and currently making a long overdue and relieved return to being ana after a year spent with COE and mia as I struggled with depression after the death of a close family member. Subsequently my weight has ballooned quite disgustingly, and I've just had it with feeling out of control and depressed. Ever since I can remember I've had an uncomfortable relationship with food and with body image, swinging from one extreme to another with EDs. However, being ana is when I'm most in control and therefore most happy.

I hope I can talk to some of you sometime soon, and I'd also really like to find some ana buddies if anyone is interested in adding me to their friends list.

HT = 5'7"
CW = 170
HW = 182
LW = 110
GW1 = 170
GW2 =160
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i don't know if i'd called myself ana. i've certainly never been diagnosed or through recovery. this is pretty much just a problem of the past 12 months.
i'm 21, female, uk
i also recently suffered loss in the family - two immediate family members in the last 12 months. my grief is still quite substantial.
hug. xx i'll add and chat if you want to x
I'll be ur ana buddy if you want. :) I'm turning 21 in a coupla months and swing between ana and mia. I live in aus. I know what you mean bout the little munchkins, I think sometimes they make sum of it up. Like wishing they had an ED - gawd i wish mine would piss off. (not all of them, just some) anyhoo, feel free to chat if you want :)
i think we could be good ana buddys.
because were close to the same size.
Ht- 5'7
Cw- 170
LW- 125
GW- 125

did you put your goal weight at 160 because your trying to do a little at a time? or is that whare you want to stay?